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Ipad Apps



A simple but effective way to keep track of your to do's on your computer, Ipad and Iphone. A one page worksheet where you can have your shopping list, your work and every day to do's and even share a section with a colleague or family member. You can also take notes and have everything in one place.


The latest browser which works wonderfully with slow connections and makes searching and browsing the internet a dream.

FVD Speed Dial

This I use with Chrome to keep my favorite sites at the ends of my finger tips on my computer and Ipad.

Google Drive

Is a free service that lets you bring all your photos and documents with you anywhere. Share your folders with colleagues and friends.

Kanban Tools

An online spreadsheet with post it notes for each client, a great way to keep up to date with your clients and share the information, comment and keep a To Do list for each client. Colour scheme to know what is urgent and no urgent. Setup is easy and very cost affective for you and your colleagues. Why not give it a try the first spread sheet is free.


An online free newsletter service that keeps track of all your subscribers and takes the hard work out of keeping track of them


Free Online Tool to make memes, posters and publishing for social media and websites.

Snip it

found on every computer to take screen shots for images.

Adobe Products

I use the subscription package to Adobe Professional and Photoshop paid monthly, its updated and you get the full use of the program for a small fee.


A program to check on your websites, as they are no good to anyone if they are down.

Stripe an alternative to Paypal

Best software platform for running an internet business.  Great for handling your money, it comes directly into your account.


Another great product that I have been using on my computer that is now available on ipad and iphone and android.  Find it hard to get the words right this helps you all the way with suggestions and spelling and where to put the comma and full stop an excellent program.

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