How to get started with Kates On Web as your website developer?
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5 Jun 2017

How to get started with Kates On Web as your website developer?

How to get started with Kates On Web as your website developer?

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Is website development very daunting?  Yes for the average business owner. Your job is to run your business and do the things that you love not spend hours trying to negotiate changes to your website or even getting it started. 

Below is a bit of a timeline/To Do list to make it happen.  This might help when you're ready to take the plunge and make it happen. 

I send a quote and you agree with that quote. Quotes are valid for 3 months.  
Cost depends on the number of pages, your content, is it a revamp of a website, is it from scratch.  There are other items to consider as well.  Shopping carts on a website make them more expensive using either Paypal or Stripe.

I send you an invoice for the 50% deposit you pay the rest when the website is finished.

There is an ongoing fee per year, the fee is set on how big the website is, the first year is included in the Website price.

Then you send me at least 10 to 15 original images you have.   Facebook pages reduce the size so not very good to use them on the website.  Good quality images really make a website, so if you're prepared to go that little bit further then hiring a photographer is a good idea.  

I can organise the domain names for you .com  or or any others you might require. These can be included in the quote.

Do you have a logo? This is important when doing a website along with colours. 
I can have 8 designs with 2 refinements done to choose from by a graphic designer.

You need to tell us colours or if you have any ideas on colours.

Then if you can take a look around and find two maybe three other websites that you like or visit We have done a number of Web sites you may see one that you like there.  These ideas make it easier for you and us to be on the same page.

Then we put together a flat/static design for you. It is what it will look like on a computer. You will receive that and see what you think. Or we can change the design. At this level, it's colour and header that we are looking at.  If you like it we go to the next level of putting it into our program DNN. 

Then you get to see it working with the menu and we start to add the information and more images.  It is set up on a dummy website on our server so we can work on it and you get to see it develop and make comment, if you want to learn how to update it and how it works we can teach you as we go or at the end when you only need to learn how to edit. 

We use the KISS principal Keeping It Simple Stupid.  Lots of images and small amounts of writing.   I am available by email all the time to help you edit the website or you can send it to me to do updates the first hour is free.  I am also available office hours 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday over the phone. 

Then once you are happy with it, we point it to your domain and make it live.  We include basic SEO (Site Engine Optimization) where you appear in Google and other browsers we register it for you in these and give you access to analytics. We will need a copy of your keywords although these can be supplied earlier with the content. 

Your to-do list to make it happen 
The nod to go ahead
A payment of the deposit
choose an example of a website
Let me know if you want a logo
The colours you would like 2 with a highlighter.

Web designers and developers are here to make it easier for you not harder and it should be a simple process that should take no longer than six weeks if you have the information. 

I am here to make it easy for you to get it happening. It is not meant to be a chore for you but a great way to promote yourself and your business online.  When you're a client I can help you promote yourself around Wee Waa and Narrabri by being in the Namoi Business Directory.

So send this link to yourself via email ad a flag to the email and contact me when you're ready.  It is easier than you think.

Do you have any pressing questions you need answering about getting started?


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