4 Years On and still loving it
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5 Jul 2015

4 Years On and still loving it

4 Years On and still loving it

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KateS on Web has been in business for 4 years still loving what we do.  Our websites of course have been around a lot longer.  

The first WeeWaa.com being created in 1998 on a BigPond website and then again using the httpsuite in 2004.  It recently had a revamp in 2013 with the launch around the Daft Punk Random Access memories.  To think it all started from the one page newsletter called the Wee Waa Ink. A monthly newsletter put out about the events and news that was going on in the community. So we have come a long way to what we have now thanks to the support of you the community. 

KateS On Web although young at 4 the Websites design and development has been a great feature of our work for many years.  With the local portals. www.WeeWaa.com and www.Narrabri.net and www.Calendaronline.com.au now being connected using the Dot Net Nuke system we will be launching the new Namoi Business directory to compliment these websites.   This will be a work in progress of course. And will be needing your help to complete it.

Update on new Narrabri website. 


After a few hitches with technology the latest Narrabri website will be launching Monday 6th July.
So when you have a moment check it out.   It has over 40 advertisers on it with some banner ads still available on some pages to click through to your website. There is 4 tiers of advertising.  This cN be viewed on all the websites. Get in quick as these tend to go quickly.  The most expensive for a year is $220 and gives you banner ads on two websites and a premium listing in the directory when available. 

The latest advertiser to come on board is the Narrabri Information Centre with some great photos and information from them to be added.  I look forward to working with them to bring you some of the highlights this town has to offer our guests that visit. 

We have launched a new Facebook page for the Calendar Online website. It has also had a facelift.


Meetings can be included, so if you have a regular monthly meeting let us know.

Events will appear on the calendar as well as the Facebook page, news and events and on both the Wee Waa website and the Narrabri website.
Great coverage for your event for free. 

News, will be featured articles from the Courier, Telegrah, SMH, Northern Daily Leader, Border News, Western Magazine and any other local news.  The articles will only have part of the story and a link through to the full article will be viewed on the owners website.  A must these days that the article be acknowledged to its owner. 

Also stories of any local news will be posted so if you have a press release on something you would like the community to know about let me know and we can have it included.

The website has all its regular features including local attractions and events as well as a portal to where to find just about everything about Narrabri.

Still to come is the Business Directory update for both Wee Waa and Narrabri. Which is a work in progress I will launch soon so will be needing the communities help to get it right.  I look forward to working with you all to make our online presence of Narrabri and Wee Waa and surrounds worth visiting.



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